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Superior Screed Service is your source for cost-effective Screed Parts, Repair, Screed Rebuilding, Service, & Training!

We are home of the exclusive "X-Flight" Double-Blade Auger.

This is the longest lasting/longest wearing double-blade auger available for your Screed machine!

Our "X-Flight" Double-Blade Augers are proven to last (2) times longer than an (OEM)/other competitors double-flight auger.

Customers report (4-5) million sqft. of useable life from our "X-Flight" Double-Blade Augers, versus (1-2) million sqft. from an (OEM)/other competitors double-flight auger.

Another exclusive feature of our "X-Flight" Double-Blade Auger is it will not "tear" or "rip" the concrete like an (OEM)/other competitors double-flight auger will in lower slump concrete.

There is no other double-flight type auger that can match Superior Screed Services' "X-Flight" Double-Blade Augers performance & life-span!

All for a price that is typically less than the competition.

Try one out today....seeing is believing!

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Monday, July 16, 2018